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Life Coaching—Pyramid

What constitutes a qualified life coach?

To build the ideal coaching pyramid, a coach must start with intent and add proper training. But is that enough? Two more elements set coaches apart—life experience and state of consciousness.

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Why do some people become life coaches?

Every human has a unique set of natural laws operating deep within; living in accord with these laws leads to a happy, fulfilling life—violating them leads to suffering. Our purpose—the way we creatively express ourselves—is contained within these natural laws; a life coach must be following his or her purpose to help others. Having achieved my professional and personal goals several years ago, I felt that my purpose was to help others enjoy success in their lives.


I have learned the hard lessons of having experienced both successes and failures—these have given me firsthand experience with many issues you may be facing. It's a lot easier for coaches to encourage people to take risks in their lives if they have never experienced the negative consequences of risk-taking; but with the experience of both positive and negative consequences I can spot the conditions that set each in play—it is my intent to help you avoid unnecessary risks while helping you move your life in a more fulfilling direction.

What type of training do Life Coaches receive?

I am a graduate of a rigorous certified life and executive coaching program, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC); one of a handful of programs in the United States that is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for direct ICF certification. I am also an Associate Certified Coach of the ICF.

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What place does life experience have in life coaching?

Life experience counts when you select a life coach. While most certified life coaches are taught the tools to help their clients, only those with extensive life experience, good and bad, can truly comprehend the challenges you face and understand how to apply the tools for maximum benefit.

You do not want to rely on a life coach who has only read or heard about life—you want someone who has experienced successes and failures and has a deep appreciation for the conditions that set each in motion.


If you are preparing to start a new business or change jobs or retire or start a family, should you seek a life coach who has done exactly the same thing? No, but it would be beneficial if you have a life coach who has experienced the majority of the issues you will face—having viewed life from many roles that provide a balanced perspective and appreciation for your challenges, fears and expectations.


You need three conditions to change your life: determination, a process and a new framework. The determination comes from your side with encouragement from your life coach. The process should belong to every properly trained and certified life coach. The ability to help you "see" a new framework can only come from a life coach's personal experience.

What really distinguishing feature sets great life coaches apart?

Scientists and spiritualists are rapidly coming to the same conclusions about the nature of the universe—it is all about consciousness. The ideal life coaching relationship can best be described as one person enlivening the other's attention at the level of consciousness. While the interaction on the telephone is important and the efforts that you undertake are crucial, it is important for you to understand the mechanics of this interaction. Whatever you put your attention on is enlivened. If you put positive attention on something, positive results appear; the opposite is true of negative attention.

By enlivening your awareness of your own consciousness, your coach will help you create an internal shift that will develop a foundation for real change in your life.

I have practiced meditation for over 30 years, logging over 10,000 hours of meditative practices. I chose to integrate this experience into an active life of a family man and a corporate executive, having direct experience of how the inner stroke of life affects the outer reality. I am committed to sharing my good fortune by helping others lead a fully integrated life, to achieve their greatest aspirations.

Consciousness is not about religion or life style or a belief system any more so than the latest revelations about quantum mechanics. The growth of awareness in consciousness is what it is, nothing more, nothing less. As your personal awareness expands it is like an improvement in your peripheral vision—you simply see more of the human potential than you did without it. This makes more things possible and reduces the negative influence of the artificial boundaries you perceive in your life.

Consciousness—The Tree of Life

What is consciousness?

While some life coaches follow a prescribed process that is anchored in the intellect, others engage a deeper, intuitive process that can connect with you at a more profound level. A select few are able to function from the level of consciousness and affect you at your core—this is what I offer you.


The easiest way to describe this phenomenon is to look at a tree. When a leaf is suffering from some malady, watering and fertilizing the leaf will have little effect; you have to water and fertilize the roots to affect the leaf and it is the sap of the tree that will carry the nutrients to the leaf. We may discuss symptoms in your life but I will seek to help you find and alter the causes at the level of your core and address how consciousness will carry the nutrients from your core into your daily life. This will be a unique and profound experience.