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Ancient Wisdom—Modern Knowledge

How would it feel to think outside of the tradional box? eLifeTips is designed to gradually break the boundaries you have created that keep you from moving forward.

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"Your Turn—Empower Yourself to Change" includes a universal framework; a high level view of life that is designed to help you find the frameworks operating in your life. eLifeTips will gradually, comfortably reveal this framework. I do not ask you to accept it or reject your own frameworks; merely to consider it as a means of discovery. If you try to find a white object on a white background, you will not have much luck; if you change the color of the background, or frame-of-reference, then the object becomes visible.

Think of the universal framework as a change of background color—nothing more. The boxes above present a very brief description of the elements that make up the universal framework—roll your mouse over each box to read about them.

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In the eLifeTips, you will read about the levels of awareness supported by the human nervous system. You will also read about levels of efficiency that each level represents and how to tap into the more powerful levels to advance toward your goals for change.

You will learn about a concept that quantum physicists and spiritualist have found in common—the gap. Tapping the power that emanates from the gap will provide you with a new emphasis in everything you undertake.

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What is the purpose of life? How many times and in how many ways have you asked this question? The eLifeTIps will address the question from a unique perspective, giving everyone a greater chance of suspending judgement of themselves so that they can move forward.

They also deal with the issue of unity and diversity—one supported by the activities of our intellect, the other by the feelings contained deep within our heart. This issue is fundamental to our ability to change course; therefore, I provide guidance on how to deal with it.

Another important eLifeTips topic is about purpose and the highest form of expression; cosmic purpose. Rather than dealing with this issue from a metaphysical or mystical perspective, my universal framework deals with it on a practical basis and demonstrates how it affects your life.

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Many popular books have been published about how you can fulfill your desires; so why aren’t more people enjoying the success of their promises? Because it’s not that simple. The eLifeTips address the entire issue of achieving desires from a practical perspective and describe your relationship with the laws and forces of nature.

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They also answer the questions, “What in life do I truly control?” and “To the degree that I control anything, how do I exercise my control to get what I want and need out of life?” You will also learn about the need to make certain that your desires align with your purpose—anything less is one of the greatest causes of suffering.

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In one of the most insightful pieces ever written about the law of consequences, these eLifeTIps present clear, unambiguous direction on how to deal with the circumstances that appear in your life.

Topics include the connection of past actions to consequences (good and bad) ; the nature of group consequences, the delivery mechanisms surrounding consequences and the role that nature plays in administering consequences. They also suggest several key tactics to live by to encourage positive consequences in your life.

Some of what you read will likely surprise you.

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The eLifeTips deal with the crucial questions, “What is lasting victory and why is it so illusive?” and “What is real and what is illusion?” So many people have sought invincibility in life and most have moved in exactly the wrong direction. You will read about the inner hexagon and its influence on your ability to attain invincibility.

The concept expressed in the universal framework applies not only to individuals but to groups of all sizes: families, businesses, communities, regions, nations and even the entire planet. The ancient wisdom and modern knowledge expressed is profound.