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Life Coaching—Meet Your Coach

What kind of person are you looking for as your competent, trusted coach?

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I work with people from many countries and a wide variety of walks of life. So that you can judge whether or not I am the coach you seek, roll your mouse over the boxes below to learn a bit about me.

Just keep in mind as you read about my background, I built a life based on my own unique set of natural laws; your life will be different and ultimately, "it's not about me, it's about you!"

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Born in San Francisco and raised on the west coast of the U.S., I am the son of immigrant parents who came to America with nothing but the clothes on their backs; they believed in the American dream and provided me with a great education—I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. I served as an intelligence officer in the US Navy for three years and then began my professional career. For over thirty-five years, I worked as an architect, a city planner, and a corporate executive. While still in my 20s I had the opportunity to eliminate a community's only slum and provided 40 families with a new start in life—that began my commitment to helping people.


Forty-five years of leadership experience, starting in high school continuing through college and throughout my adult years. Formally trained in leadership as a US Naval Officer, my knowledge of leadership skills continuted to evolve over 35 years in corporate executive roles. I earned titles such as General Manager, Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Development Officer and President. I provided executive leadership on multi-billion dollar projects, and ran large and small profit centers. I have led at all levels: team, project, program, business unit, company, association, boards of trustees, community and industry.

I've experienced significant success but have also made mistakes and learned from them. My lessons learned prepared me well for life coaching; I can say that I've "been there, done that, got the T-shirt." And now, you are the beneficiary.


I was very fortunate in my career opportunities. By the age of 32 I had become the youngest corporate vice president in an international architectural and engineering company and was responsible for selling some of the most prestigious projects in the world. In the ensuing years I climbed the corporate ladder and performed many different leadership roles in sales, operations, and administration. I even provided representation before the US Congress.

I personally led successful sales campaigns that produced hundreds of millions of dollars worth of margin for my companies; the vast majority of these sales were achieved against the stiffest competition in my industry. I was one of the principle authors and instructors of a course at Jacobs College—the training institute of the largest company I worked for—offered to all of our sales personnel worldwide.

I worked for large and small businesses and was instrumental in several turnarounds of distressed companies and units. When I retired from my industry, I was a corporate officer of a 40,000 person international professional services firm and served in a mentoring role for younger professionals. I was also a frequent industry speaker and author and had invented a new integrated approach to organizing and managing large complex projects.


I am a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with a BA in Architecture. I have continued my education with graduate-level courses at Harvard Graduate School of Business, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and George Washington University.

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Training as a Life Coach

I am a graduate of a rigorous Certified Professional Coach (CPC) program at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC); iPEC is one of a handful of programs in the United States that is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for direct certification. I am credentialed as a Professional Certified Coach of the ICF and an accredited Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index program (ELI-MP).

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My family is my greatest blessing. I am married and the proud father of two children who have overcome adversity in their lives (shown are my daughter and son with our two Basset Hounds and English Lab). My daughter struggled with learning challenges yet was able to graduate from Catawba College in North Carolina with honors and has earned her certification and license as an Athletic Trainer, she now works in physical therapy; my son was born as an underweight preemie but has graduated from Wheaton College in Massachusetts and is working at an international school in Salzburg, Austria. I give all credit for the exceptional way that our children turned out to the extraordinary nurturing provided by my wife and best friend of 35 years—Maril—a 19-year breast cancer survivor and an inspiration to all who know and love her.

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Service to My Country and Community

I have been frequently recognized for contributions to my country and to my community. As a young naval officer, I was selected as the Junior Officer of the Year in recognition of my community service. After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, I was asked to help organize my industry to respond to the new threat; for my efforts I was awarded the President's Award by a prestigious professional society.

I served on the Board of Trustees of an independent K-12 school and was instrumental in planning for a new 30 acre campus; I helped to grow the school from a student body of 400 to over a 1000.


I was raised as a Christian in the Russian Orthodox tradition. Throughout my life, I experienced a strong desire to understand other traditions such as Bahai, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, as well as other sects within the Christian religion. In college, I also became interested in the philosophy of Zen.

Thirty-five years ago I began the practice of Transcendental Meditation™ and launched a life-time exploration of Vedic knowledge. I found that it brought all of the other traditions together, providing a unified theorey of everything. I learned advanced meditative techniques over the ensuing years and have logged over 10,000 hours of meditative practices. I now point to a balance between activity in the relative world and my personal spiritual evolution.