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Your Turn—Empower Yourself To Change

What if you want to coach yourself? What if a topnotch life coach provided you with a process that allowed you to change your life?

For the first time, a powerful, effective change process can be yours. I have written a new book that will allow you to change your life, on your own or working with a life coach. Most self-help books tell you how to live your life. This book respects your uniqueness and helps you change your life in accordance with your own unique needs.

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We can all be overshadowed by everyday events. Sooner or later we ask "What am I doing? Where am I going? Am I happy? What should I do with the rest of my life?" These questions appear in our awareness as a warning signal that we are not living in accord with our own unique set of natural laws. Some people heed the signal and seek to adjust course, others decide it isn't a good time—for the procrastinators the questions return in times of crisis and are ultimately addressed with urgency and even despair. The more we put them off, the more off-course we get and the more stressful our lives become.

The fact that you are visiting this website indicates that these questions have occurred to you and you are at least considering action. There is an active self-help industry offering every manner of inspirational solutions to life's challenges. While some of these offerings have merit, no one-size-fits-all solution is going to work for you over the long term because of your uniqueness. The correct course for you and the solutions to all of your challenges are already structured within you.

Now there is a definitive book that will allow you to address your issues, by yourself, using a seven-step process. The process defined in "Your Turn" will help you unlock that which lies within you. You can order it from from or or

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“Your Turn” will provide you with insights into the nature of determination—the fuel required to drive change. Reading the book will help you enliven your sense of determination and provide you with techniques that you will use to enable it. You will be given classic examples, through the use of inspirational vignettes, of the role that determination has played in my life and in the lives of people close to me.


You will read about the different roles that the intellect and the heart play in sparking determination; exercises will help you recognize when each is at work in your awareness. In the book, I cover the three primary elements of determination—connection, clarity, and commitment. I introduce the new principle of creating demand-pull to help you achieve the change you seek and I provide you an understanding of and a method to cope with inertia and setbacks that inevitably appear whenever you initiate a major change in course.

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As you read “Your Turn”, you will discover that you have frameworks operating in your life. These frameworks are an integral part of your perception of yourself as a unique individual and reinforce your feelings of belonging to various groups. They are also the basis for the inertia that is driving you forward and often become an obstacle to change.


The book will increase your awareness of and mastery over your frameworks by providing the contrast of a universal framework. If you look for a white object against a white background your chances of finding it are remote. By changing the color of the background the white object comes into view. The universal framework will serve to create enough contrast with your frameworks that you will begin to see them clearly, perhaps for the first time.


Once you are aware that you are operating within frameworks you can achieve mastery over them. For that you will require a process; this book provides the ideal sequentially unfolding process that allows you to master frameworks and change your course in a more favorable direction.

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“Your Turn” will guide you through a seven-step process to affect change. You will begin by performing a self-assessment, a kind of inclusive life diagnostic. Along the way you will ask yourself a series of empowering questions—many of the same questions that a certified life coach would ask—designed to help you determine where you really want to go and to discover any blockages or self-doubts that you must address to get there. The questions will tap into the deeper levels of who you really are, not the persona you have been actively promoting to the world around you.

flow chart of the seven step process

You will learn to use a series of self-directed tools that will help you “break away” from whatever is causing you suffering or discomfort or keeping you from fulfilling your life purpose. The seven-step process will allow you to begin pursuing the life you desire and deserve.